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Picked a good bar to eat at [Aug. 8th, 2011|11:04 pm]
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Title: Picked a good bar to eat at
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and Leverage
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Leverage
Summary: Touring colleges Buffy and Dawn stop in for bite to eat at McRory’s where someone over hears them talking.
Warnings: none
Timeline/Setting: post season seven of Buffy and season one for leverage.
Author's notes(if any): I have not seen any of the Buffy season 8 comics.

“What did you think of today’s college?” Nate heard the blond gal two stools over ask the brunette next to him.

“I really liked it. Really really liked it. How much can we not afford it?”

“If Hank had actually paid all of his child support and mom invested it all with a really good interest rate and you got some scholarships, you could go with maybe one part time job.”

McRory’s was quiet in the middle of the afternoon and Nate was able to hear the girls’ conversation. A father not supporting his children, not being there for their lives was disgusting to Nate after his loss of Sam. Pulling out his cell phone he sent a message to Hardison instructing him to run the girls faces through what ever computer magic he did to identify them and get all the information he could on Hank.

“Community College it is then. Where did the money come from for your college Buffy?” Dawn asked.

“Mom had a little money saved for our college but the medical bills took it and then there was funeral and the bills keeping the house. Thankfully she owned completely the house or we might have lost it too.”

Hey Nate. You’re sitting next to Buffy and Dawn Summers. Mom is Joyce who died a few years ago and the father is more of a genetic source than dad. He’s been in Spain and Europe for the last almost eight years. It looks like he made child support payments for about a year and even then it wasn’t the full amount.

Typing again on his cell phone Nate instructed Hardison to find out everything about Hank Summers, his money, hidden scandals, any and all dirt on the guy.

When the girls food came Eliot came into the bar and handed Nate a folded news paper. As Eliot ordered and drank a beer at the bar Nate looked over the printouts of Hardison’s findings.

“Excuse me. What are you going to study?” Nate asked.

“Languages. Their history, development, translating, words from one language being used by another language.”

As Dawn talked about what she wanted to study and what she liked about the different schools she and Buffy had visited Nate got more and more certain about what he was going to have his team do.

Stepping away from the bar walking toward the restroom Nate quietly talked knowing his team would be listening. Hardison get all of his money you can. His daughters should be able to go to the college they want to. How many times did he cheat on Joyce that you know of? He violated his terms of employment how? Yep. That’s the plan.

A couple of weeks later there was a knock at Buffy and Dawn’s tiny apartment door a couple blocks away from the community college Dawn was going to attend in the fall.

Buffy answered the door with Dawn a step behind her eating the last of a popsicle. A professionally dressed woman with a brief case was standing there was a business card and British accent.

Thirty minutes later the Summers’ sisters were stunned. Hank had been fired from his job, his squeeze of the money had left him in a very public and embarrassing manner, and they had been given a check for past due child support with a good amount of interest and compensation for big legal words that the girls didn’t hear due to the shock of the amount of money the check was for.

As Sophie climbed into the team’s van Nate smiled. They hadn’t been asked to help, it wasn’t a massive evil corporation, or skuzzy con artist. He was proud of his team. They spotted someone they could help and they stepped in and did what they did best. Helping the little guy with not the most legal of avenues.