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of weekend plans and unexpected meetings [Mar. 7th, 2009|05:44 pm]
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so i had been thinking about going to columbia and driving around and seeing what all is there and last night i got a call from dan saying guess what im in columbia right now. columbia is like a half hour drive from my place. so we met for lunch today and wondered around the college campus for a while and met dan's folks for dinner and that was nice seeing them. so right now im watching a meterology student and a meterology buff watching weather radar of a tornado producing storm in kansas state, two computers each computer with at least three radar viewing programs or websites. if i were at my place i know what room i could huddle in and at my parents house there is a basement, but here there is the ditch *points* over there. currently it doesnt look like the storm will hit this area. lesson the first, if you stand up and get something to drink i might take over your computer and at least do something like im doing now. and now they are playing a shoot em up computer game. the enemys head explodes, confetti comes out and they yell yippiee. its quite funny.

at work the other day i had 20 projects and i sat down and sorted them into easy to do and i have no idea how to do it. so i spent a couple days working on the easy stuff and got seven projects done and off my desk at once. they were pretty much all business sent us a l my etter saying we closed up shop or bob retired and jim is taking over and i filled in form letters that basically said thanks for telling us. there were a couple letters asking do i really need a permit? i only have a really tiny thing. so i looked up the rules and sent them a letter saying nah.

yesterday i went though the i dont know how to do them projects and picked out what looked like the smallest  and easest to do.  i went to my mentor and after looking at the way not properly filled out forms we talked to someone who knew more about the project and they said basically wait a while and dont go near that project unless you have a big stick so you dont have to get close.  we went back over my project files and she picked out an hopefully very easy one to do.  friday afternoons with beautiful weather outside dont make for workers who want to be inside fighting a hard project.

so far in my apartment ive found three centipedes, two spiders, and two really weird alien looking bugs.  i keep telling my self that the next bug i see im going to call the landlord and get them to spray, but i havent called yet.