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yes an actual post from me [Feb. 12th, 2009|10:22 pm]
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so yesterday at work I went over to talk to a coworker, basically what in the world am I supposed to do with this project? When I got to their desk they were on the phone so I had a minute to look at their photos, and there was a picture of a bird, some variety of parrot. When she got off the phone I asked "Is that a sun conure?" they looked at me in shock for a bit before saying "you're the first person to know that!"

so we talked birds for a bit before getting to the project and how to do it. but that was so cool that I correctly identified the species of bird.

my first project was a simple form letter, put in the proper address and names and mail it.

the other 5 projects i have were basically here are the folders or huge binders and go away.
no real instructions so yesterday i went to a coworker with the basic plea of help. they were great.

my office is still kinda barren, i have a map of the state on the wall and it has things marked on it and i have two post cards near my computer screen, both of the marx brothers. so when i look away from the computer i see Chico lookin at me like he's planning something, Harpo looking at Chico as if he's wondering how he will get pulled into the scam, and Groucho is looking at Harpo like I agree he's up to something, but it's kinda dull lately so im up for it.

I plan on getting some silverware this weekend, i have one set of five utensils for one person. so my goes get up, get dressed toss lunch into my bag, go to work, work, come home and wash my lunch dishes, goof off a bit before unpacking a box or two, then to bed.

i also need to buy a dresser, someplace i can store my clothes in an organized manner. i havent looked at any furniture places yet, but i have a picture in my mind of what i would like to have. but before that i will need to find my tape measure and get dimensions of this whole place so i know exactly how big i can get with furniture and stuff.

but before i buy a dresser, a bed, a car, nice tv, and the other stuff that isnt essential to living like some food and laundry soap so your clothes are clean for work, i have higher things on the "what im going to do with my money" list. pay off moving expenses and such.

i want pets but i can only have fishtanks, no limit to amount of gallons, but there is a limit from my budget and phycial space. im not sure how much space ill be able to give it, because im not sure where my tape measure is, and currenty my budget consists of going to the local pet store smooshing my nose against the glass and going i want that.

a fanfic story im currently working on is pretty much all written, well written by hand, i still have to type it up and that is the hard part for me. so im hopeing that by the end of febuary i can have it all typed up and ready to post. and yes i have another story wating to be written.

found a resturant or two here in town that i think will become favorites. the people at work are real nice friendly people. the people who have the same classification as i do are nice and helpful, but the people that i have gone out with a time or two after work are in different categoires of our department. its interesting to see formal business at work and out of work they, well, they remind me of college students who just had a breeze of a final and want to celebrate.

a coworker asked if i like the city and i said yes i do. he was amazed, most people dont like it he said. the drivers are crazy but drivers are crazy everywhere. its bigger than the city i was in and its all new for me to explore and learn. i get make a wrong turn going someplace and learn something, either where the street goes or where some place is, or not to make that turn again, like that turn i made last night and ended up crossing the river. so then i had to turn around and find my way there. then after i left i made another different worng turn and crossed the river again.

ive been looking at a pure indulgence thing recently. a netbook or minilaptop computer, i was looking at a dell model and it looks nice and there is a model that has something built in it that will connnect to a cell phone providor internet and get internet where ever i can get cell phone service. that looks really nice. but while i would enjoy a mini computer i cant come up with reasons to get it that are like i need it for work or i need a computer for personal use, when i have a laptop and desktop. but man that thing sure looks like it would be fun.

[User Picture]From: firehound
2009-02-14 05:21 am (UTC)


hmmm.... I may needs your address for an office-warming gift...
[User Picture]From: dadanoska
2009-02-14 11:25 am (UTC)


Hardcore. Good to hear from ya!